Friday, July 20, 2018

Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai Review (PS4)

Part of the reason why I bought a PlayStation 4 was so that I could play anime games like Koihime Enbu that will never appear on Xbox. As luck would have it, just as I was about ready to pull the trigger to import it an updated release was announced for the West, at a bargain price no less, and I was finally able to play it. Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai is an all-female 2D fighting game with a fantastic cast, great artwork, and intuitive and accessible gameplay that is everything I had hoped it would be. The busty all girl cast ensures it won't be for everyone, but if you like the Koihime Musou franchise or just want a new fighter to check out, Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai is absolutely worth a look.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Shining Resonance Refrain Review (XONE)

That Shining Resonance Refrain exists at all is kind of a miracle, but the fact that SEGA went far above and beyond to add all sorts of bells and whistles to this remaster of a previously Japan-only PS3 RPG is absolutely incredible. Not only does it get the expected visual bump, but they also added new playable characters, a (great) English audio track, and all of the previously released DLC costumes are available right from the start. Oh, and they actually bothered to release it on Xbox One (along with PS4 and Switch), which is easily the craziest thing of all. Even if it is a little on the vanilla side when it comes to story, presentation, and combat compared to some other recent action JRPGs, desperate Xbox One fans don't see games like this very often which ups the appeal quite a bit. See all of the details in our full Shining Resonance Refrain Xbox one review.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

20XX Review (XONE)

20XX is a procedurally generated Mega Man X clone that promises infinite possibilities of 2D platforming and shooting lemons the likes of which we haven’t seen in quite a while. With great visuals, a fantastic soundtrack, and excellent feeling gameplay, your first few hours with 20XX are absolutely wonderful. After a couple of hours, however, you start noticing a lack of variety in the stages and your feeling of progression hits a brick wall and the game just isn't quite as enthralling anymore. 20XX comes "this" close to being spectacular, but unfortunately falls just a bit short. See our full 20XX Xbox One review for all of the details.

Friday, July 6, 2018

NieR: Automata Become As Gods Edition Review (XONE)

NieR: Automata is a great example of how to make a sequel to a cult hit game. It retains the cool and unique things that made the original NieR special while fixing many of the things that weren’t so hot. This means that the story and characters are wonderful, the soundtrack is amazing, and the multiple playthrough storytelling style are just as good as before while the gameplay and quest design got a much-needed overhaul for Automata. The result is a game that is still very distinctly “NieR" for existing fans to appreciate while the more polished gameplay and other improvements ensure the game will appeal to a much wider audience than the original ever could. Continue reading our full NieR: Automata Xbox One review for all of the details.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy Review (XONE)

In my mind, Crash Bandicoot has always been the enemy. I was firmly on the Nintendo side of the Great PS1 vs. N64 Console Warz and the orange bandicoot and gray box you played it on were hated rivals back in the day. Long after I got over my extreme Nintendo fanboyism I have somehow still managed to completely avoid playing any Crash games besides Crash Team Racing. I even stubbornly refused to play the initial release of the Crash N.Sane Trilogy on PS4 for some silly reason. I'm ready to put all of that behind me now that the Crash N.Sane Trilogy is on Xbox One, however, and have finally given the original Crash games the attention they deserve. My conclusion: This is one of the best remasters ever and the old Crash games are pretty darn fun. See all of the details our our full Crash N.Sane Trilogy review for Xbox One.

Friday, June 29, 2018

New Gundam Breaker Review (PS4)

The Gundam Breaker series finally gets a worldwide release with New Gundam Breaker on PS4. I've honestly always liked Gunpla (building Gundam models) a lot more than the actual anime series, so playing a game where the whole point is collecting parts and building Gundam models and then fighting it out is very, very appealing to me. The good news with New Gundam Breaker is that the model building and customization is excellent and very fun. The bad news is that collecting parts is a grind, the visual novel-style campaign is flat (and the text is hard to read), and the performance on PS4 is stunningly bad. Seriously, I haven't seen a current gen game chug along and struggle this bad on any platform. It adds up to a game you'll want to love but it just-won't-let-you. Continue reading for all of the details in our full New Gundam Breaker review.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

PowerA Enhanced Wired Xbox One Controller Review

It was only a couple of months ago that I said the AmazonBasics Wired Xbox One Controller was the best third-party pad I'd ever used but, surprisingly, we already have a new champ – the Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One from PowerA. With the same shape and button layout as a first-party Xbox One controller, great feeling buttons, and a great selection of colors, the PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is fantastic. Even better, they’re priced at just $30 ($35 for fancier colors) so you’ll get a great controller at an excellent price. Continue reading for all of the details.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Jurassic World: Evolution Review (XONE)

“Jurassic Park” came out in 1993 and blew my little 10-year-old mind. Now 25(!)-years later and I still love the franchise and dinosaurs in general. I also really loved 2003’s Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis game on PS2/Xbox/PC. Why does any of this backstory matter? Because it puts into context my excitement and expectations for the spiritual successor to Operation Genesis, Jurassic World: Evolution from Frontier Developments. The good news is that Evolution really is Operation Genesis 2, just with much better visuals and loads more dinosaurs to choose from. The bad news is that it is a little unstable on Xbox One and doesn’t quite have enough “stuff" to really fill out as a complete park building sim. In spite of that, however, I’ve had a really, really great time with it and think most other dinosaur fans will too. See our full Jurassic World: Evolution review for all of the details.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Review (PS4)

The original Shaq Fu 16-bit fighting game has gone down in history as one of the worst games of all time, so why anyone would feel nostalgic enough for it to want a reboot in 2018 defies logic. The brand new Shaq Fu, Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn, isn’t a total disaster like the first game but is only at best a thoroughly mediocre beat-em-up sprinkled with enough diet racism and homophobia disguised as humor to make even the most tone deaf person take notice. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn should have stayed dead. See our full PS4 review for details.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Shape of the World Review (XONE)

Shape of the World is a procedurally generated walking sim / first-person-exploration game where the world springs into life around you with every step you take. There are no enemies to fight or even a story to follow. The whole point is just to walk and explore and see more of the beautiful world and it is absolutely lovely. It won’t be for everyone, even less so than most walking sims if we’re being honest, but if you want a great looking and relaxing game to use to try to get away from the stresses of the real world, Shape of the World is fantastic. See our full Xbox One review for more.