Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 3 - Gems of War

Our third day of Eric Vs. 365 features the microtransaction-stuffed, card collecting, puzzle battle game Gems of War. We posted a feature recently on why we still loved it, despite the MTX aspects, so it felt like a natural fit for a video. The deep dark secret, however, is that this particular video almost killed the whole project before it even got started. Continue reading to learn what we mean.

Ok, so I really like Gems of War and have played it extensively on Xbox One as well as PS4. It is a game I really enjoy, but never see anyone else talking about, so I thought it would be a good idea to try to share my love and help spread the word. 

Unfortunately, the first video I made with Gems of War was completely awful. It was a total by the numbers "Let's Play" where I was explaining mechanics and how the game worked and trying to sell people on the game. It had no personality. It had no pizazz. It had no hook to make people give a crap. I hated it. This was directly following up my Dead Cells recording session where I choked like a chump on the final boss and I honestly thought "There is no way I can stretch this out for a year into something that is actually entertaining that I would be happy with". I seriously almost called it quits right there.

Later that evening, however, I suddenly had a revelation - I needed to turn these videos into something unique and special. It didn't matter if I died like a chump in Dead Cells because I could still edit it and make it interesting. That first Gems of War video wasn't salvageable, but I had the idea to just focus on one thing that would be different and entertaining and I came up with the plan to make a team exclusively made up of cat characters. That way I could show off the game but from a unique perspective that showed off my personality. I recorded this new video with that idea the next day.

That sudden burst of inspiration laid the groundwork for what I'm hoping to do for the rest of the year. I realized that I don't need (or want) to make "normal" videos and instead will just go ham on all of my favorite things. I like cats and cute animals. I like busty anime girls. I like giant robots. I like the color purple. I can go on and on. From the ashes of that first awful Gems of War video sprang forth new ideas on how to showcase my unique perspective in dozens of other games. 

I almost quit on the first day of recording and none of this would have ever even got started. But I didn't give up. I kept thinking and searching for an idea and now I'm excited and motivated like never before. Thanks, Gems of War! The cause of ... and solution to ... all of life's problems.