Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 37 - Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is one of the all-time great arcade games and one that also definitely sold a lot of people on the SEGA Dreamcast back in the day. It was addictive and fun and sported a great soundtrack that really got you in the mood to make some crazy money. For Day 37 of Eric Vs. 365 we played, you guessed it, Crazy Taxi. Read on for more.

Crazy Taxi saw releases on other platforms besides the Dreamcast, but that original release is still considered by most to be the best, so that's the one I played. I started off with the XBLA release, but that version doesn't have the original soundtrack or cool real world businesses to go to, so it just didn't feel right. Yeah, the gameplay is exactly the same and the visuals are probably a little better, but having The Offspring blaring in your ears while you take people to KFC and Pizza Hut is tons more fun. It had to be the OG release.

I mention this in the video but pretty much every Crazy Taxi "lets play" is going to go pretty much the same way. The people you pick up are in the same positions every time and always want to go to the same places so if you've seen one Crazy Taxi video, you've pretty much seen them all unless the players intentionally go out of their way to make it different, which most won't.

Today's video starts that same way. I played the arcade map for 10-minutes and did a pretty average Crazy Taxi run. Then I did something different. On the character select screen if you press the "R" button, let it go, then press "R" again and hold it while you select your character, you access a new mode called "Another Day". What Another Day mode does is starts you in a new spot on the map and changes the positions of all of the customers. This makes the game completely fresh and new again. If I just made Crazy Taxi interesting and fun again for you, you're welcome.

I didn't even know such a mode existed until I was making this video and wanted to do something different rather than just the same ol' Crazy Taxi run everyone has seen before so I looked up cheats and found out about Another Day mode. I actually had to record this twice because the first time I couldn't get Another Day to work (I was just holding R instead of pressing it once, letting go, then holding it). So I recorded the first normal run one day, and then the Another Day run a couple days later. Fascinating, right?

Just a FYI, I'll also do Crazy Taxi 2 at some point. It also has an Another Day mode, but it was a SEGA Net DLC thing I'll have to see if I can scrounge up.