Thursday, October 24, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 116 - Resident Evil 2 Remake

Today's game for Eric Vs. 365 is the Resident Evil 2 remake, which is one of our absolute favorite games of 2019. This is a true remake and re-imagining of Resident Evil 2 and Capcom did a fantastic job blending old and new into something that is fresh and unique. The RE1 remake basically replaced the original Resident Evil because it was the same, but loads better. The RE2 remake is different enough that it stands alongside the original RE2 rather than replacing it, which is definitely a better way to go about things. Both versions are great and still worth playing. To read more about the Resident Evil 2 remake and watch gameplay video, click right here.

I've already reviewed the Resident Evil 2 remake and gave it a 5/5 score, so read that for more details on the game. I loved it in January and I still love it in October. This game is just freaking great all around.

For this video I decided to shake things up and use the unlimited ammo rocket launcher you can unlock. First off, I didn't actually unlock it because I'm never going to meet the requirements to unlock it - beating the game on hard or expert or whatever ... - so I paid the $5 to unlock the extra stuff. Yeah, I'm one of THOSE people who are ruining gaming for everyone by paying for unlocks. Or, how about you just shut up and mind your own business and let people play games and have fun. How about that? I put in my time and beat the game several times legit and now I'm goofing off and having fun and that was worth $5 to me.

Anyway, that rocket launcher sure makes the game different. Blasting away at anything and everything that moves with basically no consequences is freaking fun. It takes all of the tension out of the experience, obviously, but ramps up the fun factor exponentially. 

I didn't actually get super far in this video, but I think it turned out fine. I started in the police station and got the three medallions and went into the underground and fought Birkin for the first time, so it was decent progress for only recording something like 40-minutes of footage. Like I said, I've played through the game a bunch of times legit so I mostly remembered my way around, even though it has been a good 8-9 months since I played it last. I forgot that I had Leon's classic RE2 skin, though, so that was quite a shock when I met him out in the rain at the gate and he looked freaking awful compared to Claire, but it's a funny moment.

To sum it up - The RE2 Remake is amazing and one of the best games of 2019. Also, I paid money to cheat and don't feel any shame at all.