Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 136 - Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition (Genesis)

Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition is the sequel to the original Juassic Park game on SEGA Genesis. It sounds like a special edition of the first game instead of a sequel, but it's a full new complete sequel with new stuff. The gameplay is mostly the same - bad 2D platforming - but you get new levels to do it in! Fun! Fun? Click to read more and watch gameplay.

Just like the first Genesis Jurassic Park game, you can play as either Dr. Alan Grant or a raptor. The story immediately follows the events of the first game where Grant's helicopter crashes back onto Isla Nublar and he has to fight his way through not only all of the dinosaurs again but inGen soldiers as well. Also, the raptor runs around and does stuff too again. Because reasons. 

Yeah, they probably shouldn't have tried to make story sequels to Jurassic Park, but Michael Crichton was taking his sweet ass time writing "The Lost World" and video game companies needed to pump out more 2D platformer trash.

It isn't all trash, to be honest. There are some interesting levels, especially later on, that change up the typical 2D platformer stuff. Getting to those levels is a chore, unfortunately, and the first level is absolutely putrid. The first level has Grant being hauled up high into a tree by a pterodactyl and you have to fight your way back down to the ground while dinosaurs (yeah, in the tree for some reason) and human soldiers try to stop you. And pterodactyls are constantly swooping around and if they grab you they take you back up to the top again. It freaking sucks. The raptor level has you starting at the bottom of the tree and climbing up. At least the raptor is fun to play as since it has a Samus Aran screw attack now.

Activision and Acclaim both tried to get the license to make Jurassic Park games for Genesis but SEGA itself ended up winning out. I'm curious as to what Activision or Acclaim would have ended up making, but considering they lost out to these poopy 2D platformers that SEGA and Blue Sky software ended up pumping out they must have been really atrociously bad.