Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 198 - River City Girls

River City Girls is boring and not fun if you try to play solo. That's the case for almost every beat-em-up, but for some reason I thought that, just maybe, a new game made in 2019 would still be fun outside of co-op. Nope. It's a bland boring grind by yourself just like every other beat-em-up from the last 30 years. I'm not hating on it, I'm just stating facts. Read more and watch gameplay right here.

Man, I really want to love River City Girls. It looks so freaking amazing and the music is perfect and the voices are great and the humor is right up my alley. I also do, in fact, enjoy beat-em-ups. It just isn't terribly fun to play solo, which is a shame. I know it's my fault for not waiting for Andrew and then we'd record a fun happy co-op video, but I never know when he's going to be around and I have to pump out 365 videos in a year. 

The game isn't bad. Don't let my tone in this blog or in the video fool you. I like it. It's fine. I'm sure it's amazing co-op. I'm also sure that if I just keep grinding for XP and money and buy all of the things I could easily brute force my way through it all. Like I said, though, I need to pump out 365 videos in a year and grinding in just one game isn't a good use of time. Nor is that very fun.

I want to reiterate that I love pretty much everything about River City Girls, though. It looks and sounds incredible and the sheer amount of moves at your disposal is impressive for a beat-em-up. I love the open world. The story - even with the twist - is fantastic. It's goofy fun anime inspired nonsense and it's great. It's also stiff and clunky and hard to play and oh no I'm doing it again. I do have to admit, though, that I wish I would have bought it on PS4 instead of Xbox. I think the DS4 controller might have made it easier to control ...

Whatevers. I'm glad I waited for it to go on sale.