Friday, January 24, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 208 - School Girl Zombie Hunter

School Girl / Zombie Hunter, like its big sister series Oneechanbara, feels like a bait and switch. The promise of beautiful sexy half-naked ladies killing zombies is broken right out of the gate by whatever these hideous character designs are supposed to be and double broken since the zombie killing ain't so hot either. I'm noticing a pattern with these "sexy" PS4 games ... Read more and watch gameplay right here.

I have to confess, a big part of why I bought a PS4 at all was the promise of all of the lewd fanservice games. I admit it. It turns out, though, that most of them are terrible anime JRPGs (that aren't sexy) or awful action games (that aren't sexy) and it has all been pretty disappointing. Sure, Gal*Gun and DOAX3 and Senran Kagura lived up to their reputations, but Oneechanbara, Akiba's Trip, School Girl / Zombie Hunter, and pretty much everything else has been ridiculously mediocre trash that was neither sexy nor fun to play. Are PS4 fans just gullible idiots? Yes. Probably. Yes.

School Girl / Zombie Hunter has the same problem as Oneechanbara - the character models are ugly as hell and the gameplay is bad. SG/ZH has you taking control of one of five zombie hunting school girls as they try to escape their school that has been overrun by zombies. You take out the zombies via an arsenal of guns as well as melee attacks and can also strip off your clothes and leave them behind as a sort of lure to attract the horde.

This all blows. The shooting feels awful. The guns are totally unsatisfying. The girls are homely. The game is boring and bad and awful. I hates it. I really hates it.