Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 233 - Everybody's Golf

Everybody's Golf is a good example of how our horrifying digital future (present) isn't so bad sometimes. When the game launched in 2017 it was kind of rough and weird - getting "perfect" impact no longer mattered and shots would still spray all over the place - but that was patched out and everything else was polished up and now the game is awesome. Read on for more and to watch Everybody's Golf gameplay.

Without our "frightening digital future that will ruin gaming forever" - Every PS4 fanboy and Xbox One hater circa 2013 - Everybody's Golf and countless other games would have never gotten fixed up and made better. We would have gotten a patch or two, maybe, but it wouldn't have been this big of an improvement. Everybody's Golf has had something like a dozen updates and counting. They keep making it better. And not just Everybody's Golf. Tons of games started out in a rough state and were polished up through patches.

The problem is, as I've stated before in a previous blog or two, no one cares about updates. No one makes a new review after an update. Very few outlets post a news story about a major update that fixes a broken game. Even worse, even when these major fixes do get some publicity readers don't read them and don't care. So the broken launch state is the default for any conversation going forward even if, months or years later, that isn't remotely the case anymore. 

A prime example of this is the Xbox One console itself. There are people on the Internet right now at this very second telling everyone that you can't play used games and have to be connected online 100% of the time even though neither of those things were in place at launch back in 2013! It fits a narrative that they want to push so they conveniently forget everything else. Tons of games have suffered this unfair fate as well and it just grosses me out. A big part of my job as a games journalist was trying to curb misinformation and bullshit and tell people the truth. It was exhausting.

Back to Everybody's Golf. It's great. I think I still prefer Hot Shots Golf FORE! just because it has way more content, but Everybody's Golf is a solid and very fun golf game now. It also has a phenomenal character creator that I've had a lot of fun with. The game is dirt cheap now, so go ahead and play it.