Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 255 - Turok 1 Remastered

Nightdive Studios should be allowed to remaster every noteworthy N64 game. License holders should be lining up to work with them. They are amazing. There are way too many good-to-great N64 games trapped on that foggy, ugly, low framerate system with a horrible controller that deserve a second chance and Nightdive is just the studio to deliver that. Please oh please oh please! Today's game is Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for Xbox One from Nightdive. Read more and watch gameplay here.

First off, the Turok 1 and 2 remasters are amazing and beautiful and well worth picking up. 
Secondly, Turok 2 sucks compared to Turok 1, so maybe don't bother with 2. 

With that out of the way, man I played a lot of Turok 1 back in the day. I loved dinosaurs. I loved the idea of shooty bang bangs on my game console instead of on PC. It was a perfect combination of things at the perfect time and I committed to it fully. 

I cheated at it. A LOT. I don't know that I really ever played it legit outside of the first few hours because it was way more fun to get all weapons and infinite ammo and invincibility and just run around and have fun. Man, I miss video game cheat codes.

I also really miss renting games and movies at a physical store. You kids might not know this, but back in the day you had to actually go to a store and rent stuff instead of just streaming it or downloading it. Every weekend I'd spend my allowance to rent a game or two and that was the highlight of my existence. The act of going to the rental store was fun. Looking at all of the stuff was fun. The best part was that our local stores were always closed on Sundays so your two-day rental on Friday night was actually THREE DAYS. Aw man, it was a blast. Then you'd find out your dumb idiot sister didn't return a movie on time so you had to pay late fees. Oh wait, fuck that.

Playing Turok again also reminded me of how I played it for a while as a kid. I didn't have a TV in my room so my friend's mom gave me a TV that they didn't really ever use. It was a tiny 6" or 8" (it was SMALL) CRT TV where the dimensions were something like 12/12/24" because back in those days CRT's had huge asses on them. It weighed about 30 pounds, too. But I could play N64 in my room, so it was fine by me. I'd hunch over that thing and stare into it and had a good old time. These days I couldn't even use something that small, because my eyesight is totally shot, but it was amazing back in the day.