Friday, March 27, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 271 - Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is good. I like it much more than 1 or The Pre-Sequel. I'd also say it compares pretty closely to Borderlands 2, but we'll see how I feel when I get closer to the end. I liked The Pre-Sequel early on, too, but then that fell apart by the end. Anyways, I'm going to talk about what I like and dislike in Borderlands 3. Read more and watch gameplay here.

I always liked the Borderlands brand of humor, so I have no complaints about Borderlands 3 in that regard. I also don't mind that it is, apparently, more of the same like some reviewers complained about, which seems like a bad criticism from folks just looking for something to whine about to justify giving a lower score. I also have to say I haven't really had the performance issues a lot of folks mention. I assume they have been smoothed out since launch. 

I love the fact that Mad Moxxi is more out front and center this time around. I freaking love that weird hooker clown and would do anything for her. The Moxxi heist DLC where you rob Handsome Jack's casino was really fun, too, and I appreciate that it was scaled for fairly early game runs so I could do it at leve 17 or so. Moxxi's the best!

Overall, everything feels good. The quests have been solid so far. I still like the gameplay. It looks great on Xbox One X. It's all good.

My only complaint is that I had terrible weapons that I hated for the first, like, 6-hours. That isn't really something wrong with Borderlands, though, and has more to do with any RNG loot-driven game. If you don't get weapons you like, you're gonna have a bad time. Well, I had a semi-bad time and died a lot at first because I had crap pistols (which I hate and never use) and other junk and it was a struggle. By level 15 or so, however, I had good stuff and now I have a constant stream of guns I actually like on level 25. 

Anybutt, Borderlands 3 is more Borderlands, which is just what I wanted.