Sunday, May 24, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 329 - Night in the Woods

I really love Night in the Woods. It was my 2017 Game of the Year and I've never been more sure of something in my life. It's freaking great and anyone with a brain should play it. You'll probably find something in it that you can relate to because, despite being a game about anthropomorphic animals, it's one of the most realistic down home relatable genuine games you'll probably ever play. Read more and watch gameplay here.

I want to cover a few things in this blog. First is how I can personally relate to Mae quitting college and the pressures associated with that. Growing up I was always the smart one. The one who was going to go to college. The one who was going to do great things. I breezed through high school and went to college the Fall after graduation and freaking hated it. I was so over going to school at that point. I was miserable. But I was supposed to be the college boy, how could I quit and disappoint everyone? It must have been fate, I guess, because I got screwed out of registering for my Spring semester classes due to someone else's mistake so it was a reasonable excuse to quit since I couldn't take the classes I needed. I was going to be a writer or journalist anyway, so I quit school and started writing and was a games journalist for the next 18+ years. Go me. 

Something else about Night in the Woods that has stuck with me is when some YouTubers that I like and usually agree with decided to shit all over the game because they didn't get it and couldn't find anything in the game they could relate to. That was really disappointing and I've kind of never gotten over it. How these people who are usually so clever and open minded and thoughtful could totally miss the point on this game. Whatever. Screw them.

One final thing about Night in the Woods is how one of the people who helped make the game was accused of rape and committed suicide when the news came out. That's shitty and whatever, but what bothers me just as much is how certain people use things like this to justify their own dumb bullshit. After the news came out, multiple people on ResetERA said things like "I'm glad I never supported the game now" and that is some shitty self righteous bullshit right there. They didn't play the game because it was an indie that was smarter than them, but the Internet these days is a race to see who can be the most offended and the most woke and the most upset at stuff like this, so swooping into a thread about a game that they didn't care about to begin with so they can show off how mad they are is the most shallow nonsensical ass shit fuckery I've ever seen. It happens every.single.time news like this comes out, too. Those people make me sick.

It doesn't make the game somehow worse because it was associated with this. It doesn't make you a better person because you didn't play it. Just shut up. At this point we have to assume that EVERYTHING was made with at least one shitty person involved and just move on with our lives. If every piece of art got "cancelled" because someone shitty was involved there would literally be nothing left. Get over yourselves.