Sunday, May 31, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 336 - Split/Second

Back in the day Disney was all like "We're going to make video games with new IPs instead of just constantly re-using the same handful of properties we've been milking for the last 70+ years". Surprisingly, they were generally pretty solid and well reviewed. Despite being pretty good, and selling fairly well, Disney decided it didn't want to make games anymore so they just sort of fucked off into the sunset while games like Split/Second that are begging for a sequel were left to be forgotten. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Split/Second is a sort of Burnout clone that takes place in a big-budget reality TV show. The show is filmed on an giant set armed with traps and explosives that drivers participating in the races can set off in order to destroy their opponents. It's freaking awesome. There is a surprising variety of event types as well, and everything really ramps up over the course of the game as the cars get faster, the stakes get higher, and the sets get more dynamic and interesting. There is also a story in the game, with a very obvious sequel hook at the end, but Disney decided to quit making games and the IP is in limbo or something so we'll never get a conclusion to the story. 

The game itself holds up surprisingly well. The racing is fast and fun and it looks really great playing on Xbox One. Too bad we'll never get more of it. Never ever.