Thursday, March 30, 2017

Site Announcement - PS4 Reviews Coming to PSXBoxIndies

I think it is about time for the “PS” part of PSXBoxIndies to start pulling its weight and with that I am pleased to announce that PlayStation 4 reviews will be coming to the site in the very near future. More details after the break.

I had always intended for the site to be multiplatform but because of various reasons –’s content requirements were much lower for single system sites, my recent professional experience was entirely with Xbox, and the fact I didn’t even have a PS4 … - we have only been covering Xbox One since the site launched in July 2016. Well, things are changing.

We haven’t gotten onto GameRankings yet (not because of any problems with the quality of the site but because the editor there has had some sort of major health issue since last Summer and no one else at CBSI is stepping up to take on his role yet) but I can’t keep waiting on that to happen before I move forward.

The fact is that there just aren’t enough suitable indies (as in, games that I actually want to play that aren’t 2D platformers) coming out to Xbox One every week to keep the site updated at the frequency that I’d like. It was one thing when I had a massive back catalogue of indies to review and could post several articles each week, but now that I have to rely on new stuff coming out there simply isn’t enough. By adding PS4 coverage I will once again have a huge number of indies to play and review and the site will start moving at a better pace.

My plans for coverage moving forward are as such – I think I’ll still probably review most multiplatform games on Xbox One simply because most other sites only cover the PS4 version and don’t bother with Xbox, so I want to continue to provide that type of coverage for people that want it. My PS4 reviews are going to be exclusive indies – including timed exclusives because I don’t want to wait months for an Xbox One version to come out anymore – and maybe a few surprises.

Surprises? I’m talking anime games. I happen to really like anime and the PS4 has a ridiculously huge amount of anime games available. Most of these games get very, very little mainstream coverage so, similarly to why I wanted to cover indie games in the first place, I think carving out a niche by reviewing these anime-style games is a good and unique way for PSXBoxIndies to stand out and not just cover the same stuff everyone else does. Plus it lets me cover two of my passions – indie games and anime – on the site, so it’ll be even more fun for me to work on it. If I could just work in some Godzilla coverage somewhere I’d hit the trifecta.

So there you have it. We’re going to be covering PlayStation 4 games. More updates. Wider range of coverage. And, hopefully, more readers here and viewers on YouTube.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

Eric Qualls, Editor, Owner, Overlord