Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 44 - NFL 2K2

Randy Gene Moss is the second greatest reciever in NFL history and just so happens to be Eric's favorite player ever, so day 44 of Eric Vs. 365 is all about the great Vikings number 8-4 catching a bazillion touchdowns in NFL 2K2. Sit back and relax as the '01 Vikings put on a show. Read on for more.

Back in the NFL 2K days Randy Moss was the cover star of NFL 2K, 2K1, and 2K2 and SEGA and Visual Concepts rewarded him by making him ridiculously overpowered. He caught practically everything and defenders couldn't stop him. You could huck it up anywehre within ten yards of him and he'd probably end up with it in his hands romping towards the end zone. He was great in real life, but in 2K he's ridiculous. For fans of other teams, that's a problem. For Vikings fans, like me, it was wonderful.

I set out making this video with one goal in mind - throw to Randy every play and see what happens. Well, what happened was he had 8 touchdowns and 400+ yards. The Vikings defense forced two fumbles that were ran back for touchdowns - including a fantastic fat lineman touchdown that got me very excited - and had a couple of interceptions including one I could have run back for a touchdown but opted to dash out of bounds to let Randy score instead. A couple other players scored as well, but you'll have to watch to see what happened with those.

Why did I play NFL 2K2 rather than the more famous earlier Dreamcast 2K entries? Well, for one I have more personal history with 2K2. I had it on PS2 back in the day and played it a lot more than the other ones. Andrew and I did play a lot of NFL 2K, though, and the results were pretty much the same (loads of Moss TDs). Also the bigger reason for choosing 2K2 is that, honestly, I couldn't get 2K or 2K1 to work on DC, so I had to settle on 2K2. Simple as that.