Thursday, October 3, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 95 - Napoleon Dynamite: The Game

Did you know there was a video game based on "Napoleon Dynamite"? Yeah, neither did we. There was, though, for Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. We play the PSP version right here for your ... enjoyment? The game is pretty much like the movie, kind of sort of funny at times but mostly boring. Click to read more and watch.

I like "Napoleon Dynamite" quite a bit, but I'll also readily admit that it is mostly boring and awkward and cringey and is totally supported by the 5-10 memorable jokes everyone remembers while the rest is fairly bad. That's OK, though, because those good parts are really quite fantastically good.

Napoleon Dynamite: The Game is very much the same thing. It's mostly terrible but once in a while it has a good idea that makes you chuckle. The game is a collection of mini games loosely based on things from the movie. You'll dance as Napoleon in a rhythm game sequence, build a cake with Pedro, help put together Rico and Kip's time machine, use sweet computer hacking skills, play tether ball, shoot wolverines in Alaska, and even compete with Rico to throw a football over them mountains. It's kind of like "Haha! References: The Game". There are 30 different mini games here in all.

The problem is that the mini games are all generally pretty bad and they go on for way, way, way too long. The game expects you to do three rounds of pretty much everything and you're already bored by the end of the first go-around. 

Re-living the best parts of the movie is admittedly still kind of fun, though. So, just like the movie, it mostly sucks but you still remember the good stuff.