Monday, February 24, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 239 - Global Defense Force (EDF 2)

The first Earth Defense Force game, Monster Attack, really felt like it was the first EDF game. It was rough and simple and they didn't really know what they wanted it to be quite yet. The second Earth Defense Force game, called Global Defense Force in Europe, is a stunning improvement in every way that is a lot closer to what we all know and love from our favorite series. It's surprisingly great and fleshed out and awesome. Global Defense Force is great. Read more and watch gameplay here.

I honestly wasn't expecting Global Defense Force to be this good after Monster Attack was only OK. I thought it would take Sandlot another game or so before it really felt like good ol' EDF to me, but this game nails it. The tone of the game is still more serious and stoic than the goofy camp EDF eventually turned to, but everything else feels just right. The gameplay is solid. There are tons of enemies onscreen. There are new enemy types we're seeing for the first time. It has tons of content, too. The presentation is also a definite step up as the visuals look quite a bit better. The fact you get to shoot bugs in Europe is also a nice change of pace. This game is good, ya'll.

Global Defense Force actually got a remake on PS Vita as Earth Defense Foce 2: Invaders from Planet Space. I'd love to play it, but never had a Vita (and can't play one anyway because my eyes are bad) and never got around to buying a Vita TV system. Man, do I ever regret not buying a Vita TV when they were dirt cheap and every store had it on clearance. It was back when I didn't have much extra cash, and didn't think I wanted to play many Vita games anyway, so I kept putting it off. Now the Vita TV is being held hostage by evil re-sellers who want $100+ for systems they bought for a fraction of that. 

Screw capitalism.