Sunday, March 8, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 252 - Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition

Bulletstorm has a level where you control a giant Godzilla robot and turn a bunch of bad guys into red mist. How was this game not more popular again? When it came out in 2011 myself and other critics begged people to play it but no one really did until it was dirt cheap. The 2017 remaster apparently sold a little better but still well below what the game deserved. Read more and watch gameplay of Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition here.

Bulletstorm is a rude and crass FPS where the characters say awful things while killing tons of dudes in awful ways. It was too lewd and crude for many folks even back in 2011, so it surely felt super outdated and problematic in the "PC" times of 2017 and especially now in 2020. It's all jokes, though, so have a sense of humor and jump in. 

The dialogue isn't the only hurdle the remaster faced, though. It was published by Gearbox and, as we all know, Randy Pitchford is a dumb piece of shit, so a lot of people chose not to support the game because of his involvement. 

The remaster also got hit with the typical Internet "It isn't 100% perfect in every way so therefore it sucks" argument because a water texture in a pre-release screenshot wasn't perfect or something, so a lot of people thumbed their nose at it because of that. Honestly? It looks great. You freaking idiots.

The glue that always held Bulletstorm together was the incredibly fun gameplay. It was a sort of arcade-style high score affair where killing enemies in new and unique ways by utilizing different weapons and abilities along with the environment earned you more points. It was innovative and fun and controlled fantastically well and was just awesome. It's one of those things that if people would have just played it they wouldn't have bothered complaining about so much stuff. But on the Internet it's easier to complain about stuff you never play and move on than put in any effort anywhere, so that's what most people do.

In this video I play the level where you control a giant Godzilla robot and turn a bunch of bad dudes into red mist. Yeah, it's awesome.