Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 261 - Doom 3

I always liked Doom 3, which wasn't always a popular opinion. Of course, I originally played the OG Xbox port of it so I was probably doing it all wrong from the start and was too naive to know better. Or maybe it's actually just good? Fast forward to the 2019 Xbox One / PS4 / Switch port, and I probably like it even more. Read more and watch gameplay below.

The thing about Doom 3 is that it's pretty much totally different from every other Doom game. All of the enemies are redesigned and weird looking. The focus is on horror and a slower pace than just running and gunning at full speed. And it has a lot of story crammed into it. Back in 2005 I liked all of that. I thought that it was a franchise finally maturing and growing up and becoming something bigger and greater. Of course, everyone else complained about it so when id and Bethesda rebooted Doom in 2016, everything went back to how it was. Whatever. It's all good.

Playing Doom 3 in 2020 on modern hardware is kind of fantastic, though. It looks freaking great and is sharp and clean. The best part is that you can hold a flashlight and a gun at the same time now - you couldn't in the original ... - which makes the game way more fun to play. This version is also a little easier than the original because they just throw ammo at you constantly. The horror elements are also pretty tame compared to games these days as well so it actually does play more like the old run and gun Doom than Doom 3 originally did. 

Doom 3 is good. And it's crazy that you can buy it for $10 on the system of your choice these days.