Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 276 - Catlateral Damage

It's April first. You know what that means? It's the first day of April! In years past it used to be stupid lie day where mediocre websites would come up with awful joke news because they thought they were funny and just ended up disappointing everyone. Pro-Tip: If your funny videogame April Fools is something that people actually desperately want, you're just being an asshole. Today's game is Catlateral Damage on PS4.

Catlateral Damage sucks. It plays bad and looks ugly and is awkward and awful. I spun this turd into gold, though, by having my cat run roughshod over a grocery store. The store in the game, by the way, doesn't have any toilet paper either. Also, the cat farts instead of meows. COMEDY GENIUS!

I considered quite a few other things for an April Fools video. I could have done Soda Drinker Pro, but that game is such trash that I don't want to give it more attention. I also thought about doing a Sonic the Hedgehog game but pretending like I was a huge Sonic fanboy for the whole thing, but that proved surprisingly difficult because I don't understand why people like Sonic in the first place so it was hard to fake it. I freaking hate Sonic.

So I ended up with a dumb joke video about a dumb joke game. It turned out better than expected, though, since the store had no TP and the cat constantly farts.