Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 360 - Mass Effect 2

I've been in a constant state of "I'm going to replay the Mass Effect Trilogy again" for about the last 5-years but haven't ever actually gotten around to it. And now with the persistent rumors that a remastered trilogy is coming soon, I guess I'm going to keep waiting on a replay. I do really love these games, though, and today features my 2010 Game of the Year, Mass Effect 2. Read more and watch gameplay below.

I struggled to get into the original Mass Effect because I didn't like that it had invisible D&D dice rolls going on that determined whether you hit stuff or not. It was frustrating to play because you could be point blank shooting at stuff and still miss, and I hated that. I did eventually get into it, but Mass Effect 2, which played more like a real shooter, was where the series really grabbed me.

I freaking love Mass Effect 2. It's one of those games where I beat it and then immediately played through it two more times back to back to back, which adds up to something like 100-hours of playtime in the span of about 2-weeks. Yeah, I was hooked. It just looked so amazing and had incredible music and the characters are awesome and the story was great. 

And you know what? Mass Effect 3 is pretty goddamn great too. To this day I don't understand how people can shit all over ME3 to the point that they think it retroactively ruined the other two games. Yes, people do think that. Even if the ending does suck and isn't satisfying, the other 99.5% of the experience of playing Mass Effect 3 was fantastic. It looked better and played better than ME2 and The Citadel DLC was a perfect way to say goodbye to all of our favorite characters. 

Garrus and Liara are two of my favorite characters ever in any game. Garrus is like the ultimate bro best friend and Liara T'Soni is probably the hottest woman to ever be in a video game. God I still love Liara.

Also, femShep is the only way to play. Or, at least, it's the only way I've ever played.

Anyway, Mass Effect is an amazing trilogy and there certainly isn't a 4th game that actually did shit all over it. I can't wait to play it all again Remastered.