Monday, August 26, 2019

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 57 - Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is a great example of the "bigger, better, more badass" sequel formula not really working as intended. Hi, this is day 57 of Eric Vs. 365 and Garden Warfare 2 is one of the most disappointing sequels of the generation. Find out more and watch gameplay in the article below.

I loved PvZ Garden Warfare 1. It is my favorite multiplayer shooter ever by a huge margin. The maps were great. The characters were fun and funny and balanced. The gameplay was simple but had lots of room for different strategies to work. The player base wasn't all hardcore dude bros. It was a great experience that I still love and still play today.

Then they just "had" to make Garden Warfare 2 and totally blew it. The maps suck and are filled with choke points and aren't fun. More importantly, the new characters have completely thrown the game balance out the window. That stupid freaking rose, and corn, and rolly ball of doom are OP as heck and the zombies typically have a pretty tough time winning in GW2 because of it. And every time they have patched it to re-balance things, the player community just finds some new terrible technique to exploit.

I just don't have any fun in GW2 but I can jump into GW1 and have a great time still. They tried to add too much new stuff and kind of lost the plot. There's a new sequel coming, probably late Winter / Spring 2020, that I hope ends up being better. I have a feeling it won't be.

As for this video, I have discovered that playing these games and talking is harder than you'd think. I spent long periods just not saying anything. And when I did say something, it was usually a swear word aimed at a stupid cheap chomper player. I figured the gameplay was still solid enough on its own, though, so most of the video is a relatively un-cut round where I hopped into the middle of the game and heroically led the zombies to victory. The last chunk is just cuts of the interesting bits from a second round I played. I actually played a third round offline with the A.I. but my A.I. teammates were so dumb and useless that we lost! I, uh, didn't include that.

For the record, I also recorded Garden Warfare 1 as well, but I'm hoping to space it out a bit and not post it too close to this episode.