Monday, April 20, 2020

Eric Vs. 365 - Day 295 - Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is just OK. Fallout 4 with mods is incredible. Know the difference before you start whining about how crap you think it is. If you can't figure out how to make your own fun in Fallout 4 you're doing it wrong. Obviously, today's game is Fallout 4 and I had a lot to talk about. Read more and watch gameplay here.

Fallout 3 is still by far my favorite because it has the most interesting world to explore - a world that I keep finding new stuff in despite the fact I've put hundreds of hours into it - and a satisfying story where you feel like you're actually making a difference in a harsh wasteland. Other than the story and map, Fallout 4 does pretty much everything better. But lets pretend like it sucks.

Ok. Fallout 4 doesn't do "everything" better. Settlement building totally blows. 

The things that Fallout 4 does wrong are also still pretty significant, too. The story is absolutely putrid stinky garbage that sucks and is total nonsense. My advice for enjoying Fallout 4 is to get to the point where the game makes you choose between the Railroad, Institute, or Brotherhood and then just stop playing the story. That way, you get the benefits of all of them without melting your brain with stupidity and can keep doing side quests and everything else. 

Play with mods. Ignore the story. Suddenly Fallout 4 is just as good as the others. 

In the video I talk about a couple of things I want to touch on here as well. First is the fact that Bethesda PR got super mad at us back before Fallout 4 even came out because a colleague and I casually mentioned on Twitter that our review copies were en-route to us. We didn't even have them yet. They were in the mail. And somehow Bethesda said that violated the embargo. That still stands as the dumbest thing that ever happened to me in my 15+ years as a games journalist. I still don't understand it to this day.

The other thing I talk about is Kotaku getting blacklisted by Bethesda (and Ubisoft) for constantly leaking info they weren't supposed to and then complaining that they got blacklisted. Fuck Kotaku. As I mentioned above, Bethesda PR is maybe a little stupid about stuff sometimes, but Kotaku leaked stuff repeatedly and deliberately over and over and over and over again. They deserved to get blacklisted. And even after they got blacklisted they kept leaking stuff and spreading outright misinformation about Bethesda games and then had the nerve to complain that they were still blacklisted. Part of being a good journalist is knowing when and how to report stuff. Kotaku missed that day of class, I guess.